Old Fashioned Soda

Old Fashioned Soda

Make your own Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, Orange Cream Soda or our New Black Cherry without the mess!

Who Can Forget the Taste of Old Fashioned Soda?
We assist you in making 4 gallons of your favorite soft drink. Each $45 batch makes about 48 -12oz. bottles and includes everything you need - ingredients, equipment, bottles and caps.

It only takes 15 mins. of weighing and mixing the first day, then you leave it with us for a 2 day carbonation cycle. When you return, it takes about 45 min. for bottling with our automatic bottle filler.

For an additional $15 you can add your own personalized labels for a truly unique touch. Bring the kids or even the grandparents for a fun time and a taste you will always remember.

Homemade Root Beer Fundraiser- Boy Scouts partner with IncrediBREW

Be prepared for the great taste of Old Fashioned Root Beer made, bottled and sold by Boy Scout Troop 3, Groton, MA.

Once again, IncrediBREW, has donated the recipe, ingredients, equipment and facility for the Boy Scouts to create bottles of root beer to be sold at the annual Grotonfest community festival.  This year the troop has made nearly 1500 bottles of soda to be chilled and sold at their booth during the September 21st event.

In past years, the boys have used the proceeds from Grotonfest to attend Summer Camp at Camp Wanocksett in Dublin, NH and to attend the three Boy Scout National High Adventure Bases: Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, Seabase in the Florida Keys, and Northern Tier in Minnesota. This past summer, the troop sent two crews of Scouts and adults to the High Adventure Base in northern Maine for a week of camping and canoeing. This year’s proceeds will be used to help send the boys to the new Summit Bechtel High Adventure Base in West Virginia next summer.

I'm happy to be helping these scouts.  Some of my best times as a kid were the experiences that I had as a Boy Scout and I hope that these kids have the same.

Please, stop at their booth and buy some great tasting Old Fashioned Root Beer, it will help them fund their next adventure.