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Wine Making at IncrediBREW




Don't worry about stomping your own grapes ! We have 100% varietal grape juice concentrates from California, Italy, Australia, France, Austria, and Argentina that will cut down on the time & mess and will guarantee a great tasting wine for about $7-8 per bottle!!

Select from over 30 different varieties.  Print out a complete list of wines that are available to make.
The experienced staff will provide you with sanitized equipment and will assist you with your wine making.

Allow 45 min. to begin the process and 4-6 weeks for fermentation. We clarify, stabilize and filter your wine to ensure the highest quality. All 4 week wines yield about 27-750ml bottles. All 6 week wines yield about 28 to 30-750ml bottles.

One hour is all it takes when you return to bottle and cork the wine and to label them with your special design.

We provide 750ml Green Bordeaux style bottles for $1.50/each. 375 ml bottles are available for $1.25/each. High quality winery grade corks and attractive shrink wraps are included.

Check out our upcoming Winefests. Get 6 Different Varieties of Quality Wine for only $65 !!

Or come to one of our Split a Batch nights and make 10 bottles of wine and share the fun as well as the wine.

Holiday Winefest (Catered by "Slavin in the Kitchen")
Thursday, December 11th at 6 PM

6 different bottles for $65
(everything included)
Chef Deirdre Slavin-Mitchell,  from "Slavin in the Kitchen", will join us with an array of tasty treats for us to enjoy during our last wine event of the year.  Food, wine tasting, wine making, and 6 wonderful bottles of wine for you to take home and enjoy...that is the right way to enter into the holiday season.  Call, email or text your friends and join the fun.  Several of these wines were awarded medals at International Wine Competitions:  Viognier, Granny Smith Riesling, Amarone, Italian Pinot Grigio, Chianti, and Super Tuscan.  You'll help to make and bottle wine the fun and easy way.  Space is limited, please reserve early.