Old Fashioned Soda

Old Fashioned Soda

Make your own Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, Orange Cream Soda or Black Cherry without the mess!

Who Can Forget the Taste of Old Fashioned Soda?
We assist you in making 4 gallons of your favorite soft drink. Each $45 batch makes about 48 -12oz. bottles and includes everything you need - ingredients, equipment, bottles and caps.

It only takes 15 mins. of weighing and mixing the first day, then you leave it with us for a 2 day carbonation cycle. When you return, it takes about 45 min. for bottling with our automatic bottle filler.

For an additional $15 you can add your own personalized labels for a truly unique touch. Bring the kids or even the grandparents for a fun time and a taste you will always remember.


Make and Take Soda Making ~ Do it all in one visit!


 If you don't have time to come back in 2 days to bottle the soda that you made, you can schedule a "Make and Take" soda session. You will learn how to make a batch of soda (hands-on) and bottle a batch that was previously made, carbonated and ready to put in the bottles. This is great for folks who drive a long distance or for groups that find it difficult to get everyone's schedule in sync for two sessions.


"Make and Takes" should be scheduled at least a week in advance. Call 603-891-2477 to let us know what type of soda you'd like.


Allow about an hour and a half for the whole process.  Only $55 for 48-12 oz. bottles of soda.  Reserve your time now.