IncrediBREW Newsletter
November 2012



Laura and son Jeff Kohr


Family bonding at our Brewfests and Winefests has kept this mother and son combo enjoying fun times together.  This family of obvious New England sports enthusiasts has also turned out to be loyal IncrediBREW fans!

Keep the family traditions alive!


Grape Time Winery
Root Beer
Gift Certificates
Animal Rescue League of NH
Martha's Exchange
German John's Bakery

In This Issue:


  • Thanksgiving Specials
  • Beer of the Month ~ Hoppy Holidaze
  • New Holiday Hours
  • Time running out to make Holiday Wine
  • Holiday Gift Certificates Available
  • Happy New Beers
  • Limited Edition Wines
  • Blackberry Port Available to buy
  • Ice Wine ~ Save big bucks
  • Dark and Stormy Nights
  • Wine of the Month
  • Mid-Winter Winefest

Our Traditional Thanksgiving Special:
Our way of giving thanks to our loyal customers is to offer our biggest discounts of the year for beer and wine making!

Friday, November 23rd and Saturday November 24th, brewers who make one batch of beer will get the second batch (of equal or lesser value) at half-price.

Winemakers will take $30 off any 6 week wine they choose to make and a $20 discount for any 4 week wine.  (Not to be combined with other discounts)  Plus, a special gift with each batch made!

Just reserve your brew time or your wine making time~ first come, first served.

Special Brew Times:  Friday, Nov. 23th:  9 AM, 11:30 AM, 2 PM, 4:30 PM and 7 PM.
Saturday, Nov. 24th:  9 AM, 11:30 AM, 2 PM, 4:30 PM.

Special Wine Making Times:  Friday, Nov. 23th:  On the hour 9 AM to 7 PM.
Saturday, Nov. 24th:  On the hour 9 AM to 4 PM.

Reserve my time now>>>

Time is running out to make holiday wine!

Wines made in October will just be ready for gift giving.

If you are planning on making wine for the holidays (great personalized gifts) you'll have to act fast.  The very last date is November 26th to make a 4 week wine and bottle it before Christmas.  If you want a 6 week wine, the last date is November 13th!

Call now 603-891-2377 or email to make your appointment for making wine.



Holiday Hours
Open 7 days a week for November and December!
Sunday:  Noon - 5 PM
Monday - Friday:  Noon - 8 PM
Saturday:  9 AM - 5 PM


Blackberry Port now available!
Our newest dessert wine bursts with the intense flavor of blackberry.  Often used to describe Cabernet Sauvignon, blackberry aromas are deep and richly fruity.  This, along with lingering tannins and a gorgeous deep purple hue, makes it an excellent background for the broad richness of Port.  Fortified with French Brandy.
Stop in and try a taste of our Zarzamora Delight.



Good Luck Nate!
After 7 years of hard work and dedication to IncrediBREW and our customers, Nate has moved on to a new path in his career.  We will all miss this loyal employee, beer guru and friend.  But he has assured us that he will stay in touch and hopefully visit us often.



Thanks to Jeremy St.Hilaire of Great Harvest Bread Co. for helping to make our recent Harvest Winefest a big success.  Baskets full of wonderful fresh baked bread and great spreads were enjoyed as our winemakers spent the evening of tasting, making and bottling wine.  If you get a chance, visit Jeremy at the Great Harvest Bread Co., 4 Sunapee Street, Nashua and show him your appreciation by picking up a loaf or two...You won't be disappointed.



 A big thanks again to German John and Judi, of German John's Bakery in Hillsboro, NH, for helping to make our annual Oktoberfest celebration at IncrediBREW a wunderbar experience.  With loads of fresh authentic German pretzels, spreads and breads, they made our brewers happy and they saved us a trip to Munich for the great food to go along with our beer.




A Salute to all of our Veterans!
Thanks for your service!

Happy Veterans Day
November 11, 2012





The Perfect Gift for any budget!  Good for Beer, Wine or Soda!
Holiday Gift Certificates are Available in Three Ways for any amount you wish to give:


  • Purchase Online ~ you print them out instantly ~ save gas and time!
  • Stop at the Store ~ we'll put them in a labeled bottle for a "message in a bottle" gift!
  • Call the Store ~ 603-891-2477 ~ we'll do the transaction over the phone and send out your certificate in the U.S. mail!



Beer of the Month
Hoppy Holidaze
$15 off a batch
We can't pass on this one for the November Beer of the Month...a holiday brew, through and through.  Special ingredients include Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Orange peel, and solid pack pumpkin!  This amber ale is always a holiday hit and the only thing better than the smell of it brewing is the taste.

Happy New Beers 2013
Thursday, January 10th at 6 PM
$35 per variety case
(bottles included)
Each year we introduce 6 new recipes for our brewers.  This brewfest is an opportunity for you to brew all 6 new beers together and enjoy a variety case of our latest creations.  This year we'll include a Noble Pilsner, Imperial IPA (from our Back to School Brewfest), Scottish Amber Ale, and others to be determined as soon as we complete our research and development.  Many new recipes go on to be our top sellers and some have landed consistantly in our top 10 each year.  The new year doesn't offically begin until we ring in our Happy New Beers!  Snacks and refreshments provided.  No experience necessary.


Please Sign me up for this one, I'll ring in 2013 the right way!>>>


Dark and Stormy Night Brewfest

Thursday, January 17th at 6 PM

Friday, January 18th at 6 PM  
$60 for 2 cases of beer
(bottles not included)

Our darkest, thickest and heaviest brews will all be made at these brewfests.  We'll make: Black Satin, Big Boy Stout, Smoked Porter, 99% Stout, Irish Dry Stout, Big Black Mariah and Robust Porter.  This is not for the entry level beer drinker.  This is for the advanced placement class who wants their beverage opaque and full of flavor.  In 2 weeks these beers will be ready for you to bottle, take home and enjoy as you hunker down for the long winter nights.

Okay, I've been waiting for this one, put me in for January 17th>>>

I can make the Friday date, put me in for January 18th>>>



Ice wine is a “cool” dessert wine that comes from a rather strange process of using frozen grapes that are harvested in the winter.  The water in the grapes is frozen but the good stuff that ferments is not and is thus more concentrated than other wine grape juice. The result is a thick, sweet dessert wine that is quite expensive and very yummy.
When I say quite expensive, I could only find two at the New Hampshire Liquor Store, one from Canada for $59.99 per 375 ml bottle and another from Austria for $49.99 per 375 ml bottle.  Burrr…those prices will put chills down your spine!
What is an Ice Wine lover to do?   Of course, we have the answer…make a batch of our Ice Wine, for only $155 per batch of 28 -375 ml bottles.  Add in the cost of the 375 ml glass bottles at $1.25 each and you get a bottle of Ice Wine for $6.79!  This everyday price is ridiculously low and this dessert wine is every bit as good as the high priced stuff.  You can enjoy your Ice Wine and, when you think of the price, you won’t be shivering! 


Wine of the Month
Cabernet Sauvignon
$15 off a batch
The powerful dark fruit qualities of the grape create a big, chewy mouth-feel that is a clear signature of this variety.  Look for a hint of orange peel or Grand Marnier-like aromatics and flavors. Together these two traits make this Cabernet from Red Mountain, WA immediately recognizable, highly prized and much sought after.

Limited Edition Wines
Beginning in January, I will bring in a series of new, limited edition wines for you to make.
These selections are only available to us once and I will only purchase a few each month from January through April.
I have made some limited edition wines in the past with outstanding results so I will expand our offerings this year to include:
California North Coast Red ~ grapes from the Napa Valley and Sonoma
France Melange a Trois ~ Merlot + Cab + Petit Verdon grown in southern France
Italian Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon ~ combo from north central Italy
Italy Three Vineyards (white) ~ three grapes blended from three Italian vineyards
Argentine Torrontes (white) ~ fruity and floral from South America
Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon ~ our first Portuguese wine
Italian Nebbiolo ~ classic red from Reggio Emilia, Italy

Watch of more details in the next newsletter.

Mid Winter Jammin Winefest
Friday, January 25th at 6 PM
$60 for 6 different bottles of wine
Susanne Stretch from Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies will join us on this night as you learn how to make, bottle and label wines.  Of course, there will be some wine tasting and some wonderful samples from Laurel Hill to also enjoy.  After your "hard" work, you will take home 6 different bottles of wine.  More details will follow about this fun event.

It may be early but I want to sign up for this event now so I don't miss out>>>

If you would like to make a reservation to attend an event please email: or call the store: 603-891-2477.