Events & Monthly Specials

Events & Monthly Specials

A Thanksgiving Dinner Must!

Cranberry Malbec
ONLY $13 per bottle
Tart, refreshing cranberries are a great companion for Malbec's intense fruit flavors and aroma in this unique light wine. Look for hints of plum, black currant, and sweet cherry. Gather with family at Thanksgiving and enjoy a taste of New England with a world class twist! 
A portion of the proceeds goes to our Amigos at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

$15 OFF any batch with Holiday Spice*

(not to be combined with other offers)

Take $15 off any batch of beer containing *orange, nutmeg, or cinnamon in November!


There's still time to make some of our award winning wines and have them ready for the Holidays. Take $15 off any batch of 4-week wine in November. Give us a call, or come in for a free tasting, for the complete list of wines available.

$15 OFF Any Batch of 4-Week Wine

(not to be combined with other offers .... don't even think about it!)