Happy New Beers 2015
Thursday, January 8th at 6 PM
$30 per variety case
(bottles not included)
Each year we introduce 6 new recipes for our brewers.  This brewfest is an opportunity for you to brew all 6 new beers and enjoy a variety case of our latest creations.  We're doing our research and development to design a wide spectrum of quality offerings for 2015.  Included will be Citra Pale Ale,  Black Pearl Imperial Stout, Coal Porter Rewind, Samson's Winter Warmer, 3 Phils and one player to be named later.  Many past Happy New Beer recipes have gone on to be our top sellers and some have landed consistantly in our top 10 each year.  Last year's Zombie Lust and Undead Gal Ale are just a few examples of these successes.  The new year doesn't officially begin until we ring it in with our Happy New Beers!  Snacks and refreshments provided.  No experience necessary.


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Dark and Stormy Night Brewfests
Thursday, January 15th at 6 PM

Friday, January 16th at 6 PM  
$65 for 2 cases of beer
(bottles not included in price)

Our darkest, thickest and heaviest brews will all be made at these brewfests.  We'll make: Black Satin, Big Boy Stout, Whiskey Barrel Porter, Black Widow IPA, Russian Imperial Stout, and Big Black Mariah.  This is not for the entry level beer drinker.  This is for the advanced placement class who wants their beverage opaque and full of flavor.  In 2 weeks these beers will be ready for you to bottle, take home and enjoy as you hunker down for the long winter nights ahead.  Pick your night and reserve early for this popular brewfest.


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Abe's Alefest
Thursday, February 12th at 6 PM
$35 for a variety case of beer
(bottles included)
Pale Ales, Amber Ales and Brown Ales. A Brewfest of the people, by the people and for the people! Join us for this event and learn how to brew some of our top 6 selling ales. No experience necessary. Abe will free your taste buds from boring beers and we'll do all that we can to be sure that these brews shall not perish from the least until you drink them.  Return in 2 weeks to bottle.  Light snacks and lots of fun provided.

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