Teddy and Wine Special
Split a Batch of Teddy Hopper + Open Wine Tasting
Friday, April 25th at 6 PM
$30 per case of Teddy Hopper (bottles not included)
50% off all bottles of wine purchased during this event

If you are looking for less than a full batch of our #1 selling beer recipe, and you or your significant other enjoy good wine, this is your opportunity to cover all the bases.  You'll help to brew a batch of Teddy Hopper, our version of a very popular Vermont IPA, and at the same time we'll open our wine tasting bar for you or your partner to try a few samples of our award winners.  The best of both worlds...#1 selling beer and award winning wines!

If you find a bottle (or bottles) of wine that you'd like to purchase, you can do so at half price.

Return in 2 weeks to bottle your beer.  Space is limited so please reserve early.

Pilsners and Popcorn
Thursday, May 8th at 6 PM
$35 per variety case
(bottles and popcorn included)
Learn how to make the most popular style of beer in the world while enjoying one of the most popular treats in America.  Michele Sweet Shoppe will join us on this night with samples of her "Totally Awesome Gourment Popcorn" to keep us well fortified while you brew our top three Pilsner recipes.  No experience necessary as we walk you through the process of brewing Golden Eagle Pilsner, Czech Pilsner and our Oom-pah Pilsner.  Easy drinking, flavorful, low in bitterness, light in body and always refreshing are the hallmarks that make this style so popular.  Pilsners and can't beat the combo.