Split a Batch of Tennessee Red Ale
Saturday, September 6th at 11:30 AM
$30 per case

(bottles not included)
Join others who'd like a case of this wonderful and very popular Red Ale.  6 oz. of whiskey soaked, toasted oak, added after fermentation, is just the ticket to enjoyment of this full favored, higher alcohol, tasty red.  Help brew it, return in 2 weeks for bottling and take home a case.  You'll be singing "Rocky Top" all the way home. 

Please sign me up, I'd like to attend>>>


Back to Brew School Brewfest
Learn How to Design an IPA

Saturday, September 20th at 10 AM
2 variety cases of beer for $60
(Bottles not included)
This is not your usual brewfest.  You will spend about an hour in class to learn the basics of designing a beer recipe.  Your task will be to work with your "study group" to design a recipe and then brew your creation from scratch.  Tyler and Dave will guide and tutor you along the way to ensure that you will be proud of the beer you make.  This year's task is to build an IPA style beer recipe.   Return in two weeks for bottling and each student will take home two variety cases of the brew school brews.  Don't fear, many previous creations have resulted in brews that made the grade and were added to our recipe book or featured as our "beer of the month."  Class size is limited, so don't be tardy...reserve your spot early.


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 Oktoberfest 2014
Complete with Beer Brewing, Pretzels and German John and Judi
You Pick the Brewing Night! 

Wednesday, October 15th at 6 PM
Thursday, October 16th at 6 PM
$30 for a variety case (bottles not included)

Our popular annual event that we now celebrate on two separate nights and our
salute to Classic German Beers! You'll learn how to make some of our finest recipes: Oktoberfest, My Favorite Marzen, Oom-pah  Pilsner, Hefe-Weizen, Dunkelweizen and Rogg-n-Roll.  German John’s Bakery, from Hillsboro, NH, will bring fresh authentic German pretzels for all to enjoy while brewing these classics.  Fresh Pretzels & just doesn’t get any better than that!  German John will be on hand to take orders for his hardy German Breads, Soft Pretzels, Crusty Rolls and Pastries. Return in two weeks for bottling and take home a variety case of these stein fillers along with your preordered goodies.  We’ll supply the Oom-pah music and the refreshments. No prior brewing experience necessary.

I'd love to join the Wednesday Night event, please sign me up>>>
I'd love to join the Thursday Night event, please sign me up>>>