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Brew world class beer the easy & fun way...and save lots of $$$.

Professional Equipment, Proven Recipes, Expert Help. Choose from over 80 proven recipes for any style of beer which suits your taste. We have everything from clean refreshing Pilsners, to classic Pale Ales, to dark creamy Stouts.

Every IncrediBREW recipe is all natural and chemical free. You will use the freshest ingredients available: pure charcoal filtered water, imported malts, domestic & imported hops and selected cultured liquid yeast.

Each batch is 13.5 gallons of beer which makes 72 (22oz.) bottles of beer. If that is more than you need, bring a friend or two to split the batch and multiply the fun. Perhaps check out our next Brewfest which gets you a mixed case of beer for only $35.

Allow 2 hours to brew. The beer remains with us for 2 weeks. Then return to finish the process and bottle your beer using our automatic bottle washer and fillers.

Some batches are $145, many are $150 to $170. Bottles are $12 per case (12-22oz.) but these are reusable. Once you own the bottles, your cost is about $6-7 per traditional six pack.

How to avoid overpaying for easy step!

Specialty Craft Beer stores are popping up like Peeps at Easter.  Major supermarkets are expanding their shelf space to make room for a dizzying array of beer from new and established craft brewers.  But, the prices are popping up at a dizzying rate also!  You can find a few 22oz. bottles at $3.99, some at $5.99, $7.99 and whole shelves full at $9.99 and up.

You'll get similar styles, fresher beer, a fun night out with friends and pay only about $2.50 per bottle (once you own the bottles) by brewing at IncrediBREW.

Why pay 60% (or perhaps 4 times) more for similar qualtiy beer?

The new math:  Gather your friends, add your own ingredients, multiply the fun, divide the beer, and subtract the savings.


Beer Selection Guide ~ Spectrum of Beers

To make an appointment to reserve a brew kettle call 603-891-2477. 


Boston's Strong
Strong Ale ~ Split a Batch Night

Wednesday, April 16th at 6 PM
$30 per variety case (6 of each)
Imperial Force IPA and Imperial Red Ale
(Bottles not included)
Two great beers with one great city in mind!
Imperial Force IPA:  A "Back to Brew School Brewfest" creation which made the grade to our recipe book.  Heavy malt and citrusy hop flavor and aroma.  May the force be with you!
Imperial Red Ale:  This recipe has shot to the top of the charts!  Rich malt flavor, full body and balanced hoppiness combine to give this one the Imperial stamp.
At nearly 8% alcohol by volume these strong ales are no wimps!  You'll help brew and return in 2 weeks to bottle.


IPA Brewfest
Thursday, April 17th at 6 PM
$60 for 2 variety cases
(bottles not included)
Even if you don't know what International Bittering Units are you'll get a big taste for them at this Brewfest.  Help brew this popular craft brew style. India Pale Ales have a long history going back to Great Britain's desire to keep their troops happy in colonized India.  Our versions bear more resemblance to creative modern American styles that push the envelope of hop flavor and bitterness.  Catfish Head 60 Minute, Double IPA, Black Widow IPA, Rye IPA, Flagship and Teddy Hopper will all be brewed.  We expect to fill the room with wonderful hop aromas on brewing night and fill your cases with a great variety of these beers on bottling night 2 weeks later.  No prior brewing experience necessary...we'll make it fun and easy.

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