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IncrediBREW, in Nashua, New Hampshire, is a brewery and winery where customers use proven recipes, fresh ingredients, professional brewing equipment and our expertise to brew world class beer, make quality wine, champagne or great old fashioned soda right at our store.

We clean up the mess and guarantee the results.

Save money on quality beer and wine.

Fresh premium beer at saving of nearly 50% off commerical micro-brews.

World class wines for under $9 a bottle.

Easy and Fun!  Bring your Friends and share a great time!

It's easy to make these great tasting products ~ no experience necessary. We walk you through every step from recipe selection to bottling. Custom labels are available for every batch of beer, wine and champagne for that personal touch. Check out our special Brewfests and Winefests for a great time and some super beer & wine. Rent out our whole brewery for a private party to remember!

Call 603-891-2477 or e-mail us at  

IncrediBREW is #1 in the Nation~ started in 1995!

IncrediBREW is the oldest brew-on-premise in the nation.  Of course, oldest means a lot of things but, in this case, most experienced suits us just fine!

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What will be in your Easter Basket?  A bottle of Chocolate Raspberry Port would make a nice treat.  At 20% off until April 20th, a smart bunny won't have to hunt anywhere else for a good deal.


Teddy and Wine Special
Split a Batch of Teddy Hopper + Open Wine Tasting
Friday, April 25th at 6 PM
$30 per case of Teddy Hopper (bottles not included)
50% off all bottles of wine purchased during this event

If you are looking for less than a full batch of our #1 selling beer recipe, and you or your significant other enjoy good wine, this is your opportunity to cover all the bases.  You'll help to brew a batch of Teddy Hopper, our version of a very popular Vermont IPA, and at the same time we'll open our wine tasting bar for you or your partner to try a few samples of our award winners.  The best of both worlds...#1 selling beer and award winning wines!

If you find a bottle (or bottles) of wine that you'd like to purchase, you can do so at half price.

Return in 2 weeks to bottle your beer.  Space is limited so please reserve early.